Who We Are

We can describe ourselves, ‘Sahurda’ in two ways. First of all we are about graphic designs for printing purposes. You can obtain through ‘Sahurda’ the services of highly skilled and innovative graphic designers who count many years of experience in both printing and graphic design.

Publishing is our other face. We publish and distribute. Moreover our publishing arm also organizes publicity, discussions and other debates relevant to our publications. We offer friendly service to both author and reader that is unique in the publication industry of Sri Lanka. logo



Our Services

Sahurda Graphics, as the name suggests, offers friendly and comprehensive services pertaining to all printing jobs including overall design, cover and page design, illustrations that complement and enhance textual content and of course printing. Page designing and cover designs are services for which we offer special discounts.

Sahurda Publications dedicates itself to providing solutions that satisfy established and new writers on the one hand and also cater to the expectations of the reading public. Our commitment is to offer to the country’s literary circles an experience that is unique and very different in terms of quality and taste. In addition to publishing Sahurda Publishers also takes care of publicity and distribution and thereby accords writers privileges that no other publishing company offers at present. This we guarantee just as we ensure a trusted service where payments are on time and at prices that are second to none in the business.


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